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TCC-VSSC Joint Venture Project of 5TPD Sodium Chlorate Manufacturing Unit.

TCC is in the process of setting up a 5 TPD Sodium Chlorate Manufacturing Unit  as a TCC-VSSC Joint Venture  at its factory  premises in Udyogamandal.

M/s VSSC is one of the prestigious organization under the Government of India. For its Ammonium Perchlorate Experimental Plant ( APEP) at Alwaye , VSSC requires Sodium Chlorate as the main raw material.

The entire  5 Tonnes of Sodium Chlorate produced in this proposed  plant is needed in APEP.

VSSC will be funding the entire project cost of Rs. 23.74 crores projected as per the initial estimate.

TCC has engaged M/s. Denora India Ltd (DNIL) as the LSTK contractor for this project.

The project erection works are over and the commissioning activities are progressing. It is expected to complete the commissioning activities by the month of March 2013.


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