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Corrigendum for global tenders for 100TPD caustic concentration plant.
Corrigendum for global tenders for 75 TPD caustic soda plant and 100TPD caustic concentration plant.
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Caustic Soda Lye

Caustic Soda Lye -from Membrane Cells, A clear colourless, odourless and soapy liquid.

Specification (as 100% basis)

Sodium carbonate as Na2CO3 % by mass.(Max) : 0.12
Chloride as NaCl % by mass.(Max) :  0.01
 Iron as Fe ppm by mass : 0.60

Specification (as 50% basis)

Sodium hydroxide as NaOH % by mass : 47-50
Sodium Carbonate as Na2CO3 % by mass(Max) : 0.18
Chloride as NaCl % by mass : 0.015
Iron as Fe ppm by mass :



Nature of Hazard       :  Corrosive : Causes severe damage to eyes and skin

Protective Devices     :  Goggles,Plastic or Rubber Gloves,Apron,Boots

First Aid                       :  If substance has got in to eyes, immediately wash

                                        out  with plenty of water for atleast 15 minutes.

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